Tamil Music Extravaganza


Tamil Isai Vizha - The Tamil music extravaganza

Ardent lover of fine arts and music, Ayya had proved to be one of the best singer and composer of songs right from his early ages. Sound and Light are the two causal factors for earth's existance. As we know, each and every letter of tamil language produces different vibrations, the first sound emanated out, is residing in this universe in the form various swaras (alphabets).This unique sound which spurted all over the universe, went and settled in 7 unique tamil letters whose importance can be correlated to the 7chakras of our human body."Sa-Ri-Ga-Ma-Pa-Dha-Ni" being those seven letters which are the abbreviations of Shadjam, Rishabham, Gandharam, Madhyamam, Panchamam, Dhaivatam and Nishadam. These letters are associated with the seven chakras (divine points) of human body viz. Mooladhara, Swadishtana, Manipuraga, Anahatha, Visuddha, Aagna, and Sahasrara. Hence music is considered to be the divine art which is tightely knit with spirituality.
Ayya being one of the Nadhaas, who has actuated and balanced all the seven chakras, is the authority for all arts of this universe especially the music. He is passionate towards karnatic music and is well versed in all the 72 Mela kartha ragas (permutation of the seven primary swaras).These 72 ragas are considered to be the parent ragas and from them numerous other subordinate ragas are derived. He encourages all forms of music as it helps everyone to balance the vital energy flow of our body. He is more inclined/devoted to Nadhaswaram and Flute, as the music out of these instruments are considered to be blessed. He has invited several musicians, vocalists, composers,instrumentalists and percussionists in all the important occassions at the ashram and showed their value to the general public. He used to honour them and encourage them to bring out their skills at the right place and to the right mass of audience.Together with the help of musicians and instrumentalists, Ayya has composed many spiritual and thought provoking songs which are drenched in deep essence of spiritual emotions. Many followers and devotees of Ayya had become famous musicians,singers and composers in cine industry also.