Sri Dharmalinga swamigal


One among his plenty of reincarnations, Sri Dharmalinga swamigal was born to Mirazdar and Chinammal Ammayar as their 8th child on Ashtami day, in Edaiyathur village near Pudukottai district of Tamilnadu, India.
When the village witnessed a heavy downpour of rainfall for several days together, one day during this rainy season Chinammal Ammayar went to the farms for her daily inspection, where she fell down unconscious all of a sudden. While she woke up, she could see her sweet little baby boy born with a sparkling light & radiance on his face. After the birth of the baby, it continued to rain non-stop for next 15 days. As Ammayar was not able to feed the baby naturally with mother's milk, a harijan servant (named Mrs.Paani) who was working in the house fed the baby, and that's how Sri Kagapujandar was raised. He remained very compassionate all through his childhood, loving and helping one and all.
At the age of five, he received initiation from Sri Kalanginadhar.The reason being that he has all the 9 planets as different parts in his body and blesses all his devotees for their well being.Since Lord Bhairavar is the Guru to all the siddhars and the lord for all the directions he rids his devotees of all the curses and anu effect of their sinful doing.
Of the holy places signifying the Five elements of earth, Thiruvannamalai signiifies Fire as element hence if a person goes around the mountain in circle and praus to Lord Bhairava, he will rid of all the sins, attain Mukthi and siddhi at the thought of it.
On the day of Masi Magam, the 24th February 1990, with the goodwill of Ayya all the people who visited the temple had the greatest pleasure of their life time when they saw Sri Kagapujandar in the form of light. Being the Master in the all the 64 secret arts (Aaya kalaigal) of Siddhars and an authority in the 65th art (the Ever-living art/Deathless Art), he has been guiding and training his devotees in achieving all the 65 arts. He has delivered various sppeeches in Singapore,Malaysia, in Radio on Gnanam (Wisdom) and Deathless Art. He has also been delivering daily morning sppeches in Jaya TV,Sun TV in "Vanakkam Thamizhagam" where he clearly explained about Siddhars and their exclusive science based arts to the public to enlighten them with various spiritual aspects and explaining them the basics of Gnanam and meditaton.
He showed him the calculations and explained the secrets.

Miracles of Ayya

In 1992 at Thenpathi, SriKazhi (South India) ashram, he said to thirty of his disciples that he will turn up after half an hour meditation and locked himself in his room. Finding that the door was not opened for more than two hours , the frightened devotees Paattu Siddhar Narayanaswamy , Balu, Sri Putradi Maariamman, Temple trustees Nagarajan, Govindarajan and others were chanting Arul Perum Jothi mantra and opened the door in despair. To their anxiety they found the room was empty. At the same moment two devotionate disciples happenned to see Ayya's presence in their respective houses in Srikazhi and chidhambaram. One is Venkatesan B.A.B.L, and another Manickam(P.H/A.E) of Chidambaram. After understanding the situatuion in ashram Ayya went with Mr.Venkatesan. During his travel to ashram also Ayya dispappered and appeared. The disciples in ashram repented for their ignorance.
He is also a master in Rasavadham popularly known as Alchemy in the west , where the metals of a lower atomic number could be converted into one of higher atomic number with ease , like iron to copper (Fe to Cu) , Copper to Silver (Cu to Ag) and Silver to Gold(Ag to Au). It involves solidifying mercury while retaining its purity and property and using the "Rasamani" for numerous divine purposes.

Ayya is currently settled at Kaga ashram, Thiruvannamalai, where, different yagams, poojas and yoga/meditation classes are conducted for prosperity and health of the entire world and for the sake of proper rainfall (One of the essential need of life form). Ayya has many Ashrams including one at kolli hills.Due to his benevolent grace, Ayya has also established ashrams at Srikazhi and Aachalpuram.
As insisted by the divine power, he understood that it is gratifying to rehabilitate peddlers and ex-convicts by initiation (Divine Deeksha) to transform them to flawless ones in this world. Here he was confronted with the challenge on the kind of people that he would accept as disciples for this purpose. Amazingly within short span of time, many number of demoralised third rated personnels in Sirkazhi became devotees of Ayya and had changed their ways to turn over to a new leaf. On his sincere and continuous effort, he found some of them had reclaimed to such an extent that they are now leading a highly diciplined and civilised life style.

Medicine is not a new art to Siddhars. Ayya is one of the authorities in the field of medcine and had cured of numerable serious illness with ease by his unique treatment. As revealed by Siddhars, there are 4448 diseases that are existing in this world. Several diseases has been already realized and many others are still to hit this world.Only Siddha Medicine will prove to be a final curative remedy for all these cruel 4448 diseases of this earth. For each one of theses diseases Siddhars have already prepared a medicine. Among these Siddha medicines GURU MARUNDHU is considered the best and top most which cures any deadly disease.
Only 3 siddhar's have mastered the art of preparing this medicine. Of these 3 siddhars, Sri Kagapujandar is the leading authority in the subject. If one part (1/1000 part) of this divine medicine, when mixed with other medicine, will cure even the most incurable diseases.Thiruvannamalai is one of the most praised mountain by all the Siddhars in today's world. Thiruvannamalai is a place where Siddhars,Devas (All gods), Rishis and Saints do penance for the well being of humanity and today's world. All the Saints and Gnani's are constantly seeking the grace of the almighty to gain the Lord's blessings. It is a place where all the devotees of Lord Shiva unite as one and pray for Mukthi. It is a place where the supreme almighty Lord Shiva himself residing at the mountain in Thiruvannamalai. It is considered as the holiest of all holy places in the world, hence all the devotees go around the mountain (Girivalam) in prayer to gain his blessings. When the devotees go around the mountain in cirle, they are expected to follow proper procedures for prayers to achieve whatever they want and get rid of any planetary problems(Dosham), gain gnanam (wisdom), gain the grace and blessings of the almighty and guru, get rid of sins, and health related issues and ailments. All the above said miracles are things that have been practically experienced.
Lord Bhairava is the three dimensions of Lord Shiva.The dimensions include Bogum(Wordly Wellbeing), Vegam(achieve earlier whatever we like), and Yogam(meditation and ever living art) as the three forms. In this the Vegam form is Lord Bhairava and the authority for worldly well being , life and to achieve yoga siddhi, and ever living art.Bhairava means the one who totally removes fear of any kind. He is also one who protects his devotees from all their hindrances and enemies. The three main reasons for human's suffering include, nine planetary related dhosams, sins and curses. The one who averts all these in totality and protects his devotees with complete compassion is Lord Bhairava.

Gnana Kural, Malai Vaagadam, Maruthuva Kannadi, The key to Yoga, The hey to Mantra, Guru Medicine 500, Arivu vilakkam 1500, Panja Patchi Sasthira, Gnana Kurram, Peru Nool Kaviyam 1000, Kaala Kannadi, Bujandar Naadi, Gnanam 80, Gnanam 100, Kagapujandar Vedha, Kagapujandar Upanishidham, Muppu Dheetsha Vidhi 300, Kagabujandar 12000, Uppu Aadhi 64, Prapanja Ragasyam, Gnana Maraippu, 64 Ashtamasidhu, Anga-Latchnam 96, Siva Thathuvam, Sakthi Thathuvam, Vaalai Paritchai Monanmoni Magimai

Sri Kagapujandar is a great composer and singer of music. He has composed many songs in the names of many Gods and Goddesses. He sings, songs made up of his own lyrics and had composed tune for them on the spot on many occasions. Sri Kagapujandar has sung thousands of songs praising the gods, nature and earth and his pronunciation of recitation and the rhythmic effect of songs brings in deep spiritual inspiration and activates the brain cells instantly. One could realize a rare positive vibration flowing into them when hearing his speeches and songs. On the request of devotees and followers, several songs has been recorded and made available in CDs and DVDs.
One of its rare kind, is his recital and creation of the "Karya Siddhi Mantras" (available in CD/DVD format), which were specially designed for the welfare of this world, has within it, the proven vedic siddhar mantras for achieving any desire that anybody can think of. Until now, these high caliber secretive mantras (which are used to withhold the powers of this universe) were protected by Siddhars for many yugas from reaching any human's hand . And now, by the generous mind and profound grace of Sri Kagapujandar , serious efforts were made to get permission from Lord Bhairava and with his graceful and kind blessing, it was made available even to the layman to achieve his desire and lead a happy life.The public is requested to use these mantras for the benefit of bringing goodness to themselves and to the welfare of this society.When one uses these mantras for the welfare of this society, he gets a peaceful life through his entire generation, blessed with good health and wealth.

In the holy months of Puratasi(september) Mirazdar used to regularly recite Ramayana with the temple priest to all the people of the village in poetic manner.When Ayya was 6 years old, that year, during Puratasi his father had fallen ill and so was the priest of the temple. Ayya had gone down to the temple that evening to light the lamps on his father's instruction. When he landed at the temple he heard the priest was not present there and hence volunteered to recite teh whole Ramayan in all its glorious poetic manifestations.The people of the village were astounded by this prodigal act and offered young Ayya to take on the role of his fahter for next one week to recite Ramayana and explain its essence too.
In korratur he regularly delivered speeches as sathsangs in Sri Jambukeshwarar temple the Samadhi of Sri Kagapujandar.Every evening the people nearby joined together and attended the sathsangs.During the course of the sathsang.Ayya also gave predictions of Arul Vakku in general and to the individuals.He sung new songs on the spot, which had messages on gnyanam. During these discourses he often gave away medicines to the disciples to treat their illness and to improve general health; these medicines arrive by tapping the temple doors.On the day of Masi Magam, the 24th Febraury 1990, with the goodwill of Ayya all the people who visited the temple had the greatest pleasure of their life time when they saw Sri Kagapujandar in the form of light.
Being a Master in the all the 64 secret arts of Siddhars and an authority in the 65th art,The Ever-living art/Deathless Art, he has been guiding and training his devotees in achieving all the 65 arts.He has delivered various sppeeches in Singapore,Malaysia, in Radio on Gnyanam and Deathless Art, He has also been delivering daily morning sppeches in Jaya TV,Sun TV in "Vanakkam Thamizhagam" where he clearly explained about Siddhars and their exclusive science based arts to the public to enlighten them with varous spiritual aspects and exlaining them the basics of Gnyanam and meditaton.