Super Natural Power

Removal of Curses

Reason for all the sorrows and sadness of mankind is because of his thoughts and thinking. To come out of this sorrow and to lead a happy and a prosperous life one has to understand the figure of thoughts and thinking to attain a strong will power and confidence. If he does so he can have a happy and a joyful life with positive attitude. Meditation is an exercise to attain this strong will power and confidence. By controlling the thoughts through meditation, one can achieve a healthy and a prosperous life with a clear and a positive thinking leading to ultimate happiness.

Who is God?

Whatever thing that created this world, the thing which protects this world, the thing which destroys according to the needs is GOD. There is no beginning or ending for God. God is one who has no figure/body and is in the form of ArutPerumJyothi (Light of Grace) a light whose brightness is more than that of a thousand of suns. This very same God is in everyone as a light in their foreheads. This light can be felt and seen by proper meditation and love. If one realizes this then he will understand that with love, that this light of God is everything in this world

Deathless Life ?

Deathless life is attained by bringing the body to a state which cannot be destroyed by the five elements of earth, and by controlling the thoughts such that you do not get affected or feel for the happiness or sadness around you and by coming to a state where your soul is not affected by the sins done earlier by you and above all by attaining the true body of love and grace and knowledge.

The five elements of earth are responsible for the life in earth. Vaasi is an exercise where one understands and feels and gets the grace, love and knowledge of the two most important elements - Air and Fire.

Vaa - Air
Si - Fire

By practicing Vaasi we can get back the pranayana which we have breathed out till now, we can get rid of our sins. This is one of the main practices done by Siddhars. There is a difference between Nadi Suthi, Pranayamam and Vaasi. For Further Details, You can read the books written by Ayya (Sri Dharmalinga Swamigal) Please visit Books of Ayya or call +91 97860 12345(Manager) to get more details.

The Power obtained by changing the natural levels of the 5 elements of earth or combining one element with other or by combining/removing the 5 cores of each element is called Super Natural Power.This is not understandable by Human, this is the reason why science cannot prove or accept this fact. We can do wonders by controlling the five elements. We can do or attain this by

High Meditational power
Magical Powers
Making our thoughts and souls work together
Creating a godly figure and then give life to it to perform things we need to do.
By attaining the godly grace by love and affection and using this grace to perform the things we need to do