As regards the vow of Sathguru and Nadhaas, Kollimalai siddhar sri kagapujadar Adheenam is started at Periakulam village, on Kanchi road of Thiruvannamalai District. Lord MahaKalaBhairava (The God of Time) has all the nine planets as different parts in his body and blesses all his devotees for their well being. Since Lord Bhairavar is the Guru to all the siddhars and the lord for all the directions (Thisaigal), he gets rid of all the curses and effect of the sinful deeds of his devotees from their present and past births.
The above divine activities/services done at Kollimalai siddhar sri kagapujadar Adheenam are done as per proper Siddha techniques and comes directly under the purview of Lord MahaKalaBhairava himself.
You and your family are most welcome to participate in all these holy events and gain all the blessings and holy grace of Lord Shiva to lead a healthy and peaceful life.

Siddha Medicinal Research

Being a Siddhar from the ancient times, Ayya had acquired all the finest and judicious knowledge of Siddha medicines, by the divine bliss of Lord Maha Kala Bhairava. He teaches this art to his disciples in its original pure form by following proper Aathma suthi (cleansed mind/soul) and devoted meditational methodologies.As very few people are interested in this system, and this divine theory is dying year by year, Ayya is very keen in the upliftment of its practises and has put in strenuous efforts to promulgate its importance to the general mass. One of the most vital part of this system lies on making and mixing of the "Guru Marundhu" with the traditional herbs. Very few people on this earth knows the original secret of preparing this medicine, which is the father of all medicines on this universe. Ayya had mastered this preparation and knows the finest acumen of its methodology and functionalities. It is the one, which sustains the life forms on this earth.
There are many differences between the siddha medicines available in general market and the ones given by Ayya. The herbs need to be plucked on a specific time and day depending on the plant and the disease to be treated. There are several secrets known only to Siddhars regarding how to pluck/obtain the herbs. Before doing that, the rasi and nakshatra of the patient needs to be identified. All the herbs contain three properties viz. Spiritual,Chemical and Healing . All the herbs contains toxicity (dosham as defined in spirituality).
These toxins has to be removed completely as per the property/nature of the herb, before it could be used for making medicines. Improper toxin removal techniques may lead to side effects or at times the medicine itself going useless. These all secrets are well known to Ayya and the medicines given from his holy hand will be the final cure for the disease. These siddha medicines are available in the form of lehyam, baspam, kashayam, melugu, and maathirai.
Ayya is benevolent in encouraging Siddha research and always honors the saints,sadhus and siddha practitioners coming to the ashram. They are welcomed to impart information of their researches and any help for their new endeavours are given full fledged support by Ayya and his disciples at all times. They are provided with free food, clothing and lodging within the ashram's premises to carry out their research activities. Many rare herbs which are very hard to find anywhere else, are identified by Ayya and are grown all over at our ashram's premises. This makes Kollimalai siddhar sri kagapujadar Adheenam one of the best place for Siddha research activities. Above all, Ayya's gracious guidance and blessings would embark on innumerable findings of new medicines for this sick ridden world, enabling the practitioner to become a master of this art in short span of time.
Ayya had provided his unique mixture of Siddha medicines to several patients and had cured deadly diseases, incorporating a bilateral approach of showering spiritual powers on rare life saving herbs and roots. Much of the medicines, as known by his disciples, comes out of the air through his meditational powers at the wink of the eye. Ayya used to always prepare medicines beforehand for the diseases which are yet to be discovered/realized in this present world, by calculating time and natural factors. Recent noteworthy achievement is his, permanent curative medicine for the H1N1 influenza disease commonly called as Bird/Swine flu.
Honouring Traditional Siddha Doctors
The traditional siddha doctors have been officially recognized and honoured by Ayya regularly to encorage their services in the field of natural,herbal,Siddha medicine research and treatments.

This is one of the common modes of sacred rituals, performed in front of the Agni (Fire) to pacify Gods and get their blessings and powers. Homas are performed to bring benefits for individuals or a small group and yagams are considered to bring benefits for a larger circle (usually done for the welfare of country and mankind). Fire is considered to be the supreme of Gods and in ancient times many sacrifices like gold, gems and other precious items of livelihood were offered in the fire to attain goodwill of God. Usually, ghee, rice, puffed rice, herbs, cereals, and roots are offered to the fire god, as precious items cannot be offered by everyone at all times. The level of powers attained also depends on the type of offerings pledged, the purpose and the God whose grace is seeked. If one performs homa for good health, he directs the offerings to Lord Surya (The Sun deity), and if one performs homa for rain, he directs his prayers and offerings to the Lord Indra (The Rain deity) and if one performs it for victory and general prosperity he directs Agni to take the offerings to Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi. Likewise, homa can be combined together to seek blessings of different gods also.
Homa and Yagam are usually done with priest(s) sitting in front of the fire place (Homa Kundam), chanting mantras of the specific gods, and providing offerings to the fire god. As it is considered to be one of the powerful ways of bringing abundant spiritual powers, these rituals are performed in front of the gatherings for the sake of everyone's goodness. The process of Homam and Yagam can be divided into four segments. "Japam" being the first, the priest meditates himself to bring his mind to the perfect concentration on the act which he is going to perform. "Tharpanam" being the second, the priest purifies the surroundings and himself, to bring in positive vibrations around. "Bajanai" being the third, the priest chants mantras for a calculated number of times and the fourth being the "Saathaka Seva", wherein the priest serves the public by sharing his spiritual gains.
Yagams are performed at Kollimalai siddhar sri kagapujadar Adheenam on important days like Ashtami, Pournami, Amavasai, Sivarathri etc. The difference between the traditional homas and yagams, and the ones performed at the ashram, would be that, at the ashram homas/yagams are done as per perfect Siddha and Aagama rules. Only, rare herbal roots, and stems which produces less smoke and brings in purified/oxidised air are used as offerings to bring in good health and positive vibrations all around the place. All the yagams and homas are performed in front of Lord Maha Kala Bhairava thus the result of it, is the emanation of abundant spiritual energy which removes diseases, curses, sins and obstacles instantly. Yagams performed by Ayya has brought many miracles in several person's life.

Life forms evolved from a single sensed algae to a fully grown six sensed human being. Man is considered to be the spectacular creation of this universe, ever crafted by the Almighty. Man continued to exist from several thousand years, even when several other living beings were created only to face a complete extinction. The uniqueness of man to be the leader among all other life forms in our eco system, is the ability of him to awake his own soul by perceiving all truthful information out of his illusive surroundings and join back with his original birth point. He undergoes strenuous struggles and travels through time by taking many births through different physical forms like plants, creepers, animals, birds etc., and finally attains the human form to realize the ultimate truth by graceful guidance of the Almighty. Unknowing about this great hidden secret about him, and getting deceived by maya (illusion/fantasy) and other life's pressurized circumstances, between the duration of this great life's cycle process, he tends to commit several wrong karmas (doings) in several of his births. This paves the root cause for his next birth form and all his sufferings. Until unless he wakes up to realize the reason for his sufferings and identify the truthful path to nullify these bad karmas to zero, he continues to take several births again and again. Only a human, could realize this truth to its enterity and come out of this never ending cycle. Thats why the birth, as a "Human" is considered to be a rarest gift and one should not waste it by passing away time as told by Sri Avvaiyar Siddhar in her verses "Aridhu Aridhu Maanidarai Pirathal Aridhu".
Enlightened souls like Rishis, Munivars, Siddhars and Nadhaas knows the truth about everything on this universe and could sense the past, present and the future events accurately. The information about a jeevan (soul) comes in a row of messages called as the "Jeevanadi", where the word "Nadi" means "approach" which is usually misconcepted by many, as the nerves in the body. Jeevanadi contains the full life's history of the approaching jeeva athma, giving the exact information about what has happened in past and what will be happening in the future. These Jeevanadis are identified by the top most in the ancestry and get their name like Sri Kagapujandar Jeevanadi, Sri Agasthiar Jeevanadi etc.
Depending on the praptham (divine eligibility) for a jeevan, this rare information will be made available by God's love and grace through the mode of poorna sharanagathi (full surrender) shown towards the Gurunadhar (spiritual master). Whoever is capable of receiving this holy truth, will surrender to Ayya at his first sight or words. Being benevolent and graceful, Ayya forgives many jeevans and prays to God for their jeeva mukthi and thus tries to extract all the concealed secrets about them, inspite of many hinderence/obstacles caused to reveal it. Majority of them who arrives at the Ashram have got this rarest chance to know the truth about themselves. Out of the Jeevanadi, everyone will get a final remedy for their long lasted diseases, sufferings and problems. No one on this earth could predict the truth to this accuracy that Ayya could do. His eternal bliss runs to the rescue of all the capable souls of this earth at the right time, to achieve healthy, wealthy and happy life.
A record describing the past, present and future well beings of every individual's life, which was been composed on palm leaves over many centuries ago by ancient Siddhars who had an extraordinarily developed consciousness. Jeevanaadi is composed with an intention to guide an individual towards the way of spiritual well-being (Gnana) and to provide an enduring solution to one's healthy physical and mental state.
As per the order of Sri Kagabujandar, the Jeevanaadi had been recited everyday erstwhile. But here on, the same shall be read, and its benefits shall be explained to the devoted and cherished individuals during Full Moon Day (Pournami) of every month. The significance of Sri Kagabujundar Jeevanaadi shall be shared to the one who is in need absolutely free of charge.
Interested individuals are required to furnish the details of their full name, date, time and place of birth and the questions that one intends to get enlightened about for the predictions. It is also to be noted that Jeevanaadi benefits shall be recited to only 21 members every month. Hence the prediction shall be sent to the requested individuals either through their e-mail or on WhatsApp on a batch by batch basis every month.

A Mercury Ball prepared through the holy art of alchemy practised by Siddhars by separating fluid and air from mercury. The process of preparation is being secretly maintained and preserved by Siddhars. Rasamani is prepared by using hundreds of herbal elements, together with the art and devotion which infuses a life and power into it.
According to the Siddha alchemy,பாதரசம் (mercury)represents the seed of Lord Shiva. The phrase "The one who is blessed with this holy Mercury attains all power to conquer the entire world" holds true for those who have used and it and experienced it. Rasamani is prepared in a shape of a ball and is generally worn around the neck or around our hips. Generally, the Rasamani would be in a size ranging from 1 to 1.5 inch in diameter, weighing between 12gm to 30gm.
Types of Rasamani & its Benefits:
Rasamani guides us in attaining glory while performing meditation. It is usual for one being diverted of various thoughts which are the result of karma due to the sins committed in the past life and in current birth. Rasamani helps us to control our thoughts and lets the efforts of meditation attain its desired results.
The power of position & Wealth
Helps to overcome obstacles faced in one's business of career and helps to solve the debt difficulties away and improves the business and tends to provide increased profits out of the investment.
Helps in creating an attraction between husband & wife and society and unify life between them. Removes the egos and misunderstanding between people and enables to consider the enmity between individuals into friendship. Let's one to easily overcome obstacles in life and guides to achieve the goal.
Cures all disease and helps in improving one's health.

To realize the graceful glory of Almighty within oneself and to sense that it is spread consistently everywhere, one needs to undergo legitimate and good Dyana (Meditation) practices under the guidance of distinguished Master. Nowadays the term "Dyanam" and "Yoga" have gone to a level, that it is identified as a new age trend or some sort of business mode to gain financial benefits. It has lost its original sheen to the engulfing modern trends and fast moving e-age dynamics. There are very few Guru available on this earth who could teach the art of deathless living to its enterity. Even if good Gurus descend to teach this art, there are no proper disciple available to receive this divine teaching. People tend to search for meditation/yoga through books/internet and fascinated by the flashy words such as "Kayakalpa" and "Kundalini awakening", they try to do them on their own and finally accomplish nothing but sheer waste of precious time. Through misconception, false beliefs and superstitions either they discontinue doing anything good or continue to do the same old wasteful deeds for many years and unknowingly die one fine day which can be avoided if they would have thought logically to seek a legitimate Guru's guidance or simply understand the meaning of the saying, "A good teacher is worth thousands of books".
In the human body there are 72000 nerves put to work for the proper functionality of the body. Among these nerves, 3 nerves are considered to be the parent nerves. They are called as "Surya Kalai", "Chandra Kalai" and "Suzhumunai". Suzhumunai(Forehead center) is the birth place of life forms and is the origin of divinity. When one realizes his origin within that point, he can achieve anything on this universe within matter of seconds. Being the focal point of divinity, knowingly or unknowingly everyone would have realised a strange sensation when it is touched or tickled. Many a people misunderstands that they have achieved something great but the truth lies deeply hidden, which needs ample amount of practise and experience to get it excavated out. Only a true Guru who has reached that point and seen Lord Shiva in his light form (Arut perum Jothi) can show the pathway to others, to unearth this divine treasure. There are very secret technique to reach the level of Suzhumunai called as "Vasi Yogam" , known only to Siddhars.
Known by the world there are only 64 divine arts in this universe called as "Aaya Kalaigal 64". But only enlightened saints, sages and Siddhars knew the truth of the 65th art of attaining the deathless art, which was kept secret for several yugas. Only the eligible devoted disciples of Ayya, gets this once in lifetime chance to realize his true potential by himself and attain a deathless art.For this, one needs to complete surrender(saranagathi) and faith to his divine feet. He invokes the permission of all Siddhars, Lord Shiva and Goddess Ambal to give initiation (Deeksha). To its sequel, the saathaka (eligible trainee) will be advised (Upadesam) to undergo several unique Siddha practises and techniques to finally achieve Maranamilla Peru Valvu (Deathless life).